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Bailey’s – Hemp Infused Paw & Nose Balm

For use on dry, chapped or cracked areas. Can be used on noses, ears, paws, hot spots, rashes and wound care. See Lab Results for 50mg Tin and 200mg Tin

Reefined CBD – Mint Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (900mg)

$29.99 $24.99
Reefined CBD Mint Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture delivers potent full-spectrum CBD that’s sourced from non-GMO Colorado hemp farms that are cultivated with strict organic farming practices. Enjoy a hint of mint for a refreshing way of getting your daily dose of CBD. Each tincture is packed with 900mg of pure, high-quality CBD for the therapeutic promise you’re looking for.   See Lab Results

Reefined CBD – Full Spectrum Muscle Gel Roll On (1800mg)

$52.99 $38.99
Reefined CBD Full-Spectrum Muscle Gel Roll On allows you to easily target problematic areas and obtain fast-acting results. Feel the icy sensation and relief brought on by menthol, eucalyptus, peppermint oil, and full spectrum hemp oil as this muscle gel goes to work.   See Lab Results

Veritas Farms – Full Spectrum Ear Cleansing System (50mg)

Veritas serum and swabs with dual-sided tips allow for exceptional cleaning in tight crevices, making them great for all types of dogs—particularly smaller breeds. Benefits of this dog ear cleaning solution include:
  • Swabs made with medical-grade foam that attract and absorb dirt, oil, and grime
  • Convenient and comfortable way to clean ears
  • No damage to inner ear or canal
  • No adhesives
  • Sturdy handle won’t break or splinter
  • Swabs are reusable and dishwasher safe
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Veritas Farms – Full Spectrum CBD Tincture for Dogs (200mg)

Veritas CBD pet tincture for dogs offers all the benefits of their CBD tincture for humans — but designed for your four-legged companions.  CBD drops for dogs may help with:
  • Stressful environments and situations
  • Separation stress
  • General discomfort
  • Overall hip and joint support
  • Promoting calming behavior
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Veritas Farms – Full Spectrum Hot Spot Oil (200mg)

Dog Hot Spot Oil is formulated with marigold to provide relief and help your pup enjoy their day without any feelings of discomfort. Hot Spot Oil may help to:
  • Relieve & soothe raw, painful patches
  • Stop itching
  • Calm insect bites
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Veritas Farms – Paw Rescue (250mg)

Use this powerful balm to moisturize and soothe your pet’s paws, so they can go back to doing all the things they love, like playing fetch and going out on walks. This balm is also completely safe if ingested, so you don’t have to worry about your dog licking it off their paws! Overall, Paw Rescue may:
  • Protect paws from heat, cold, and moisture
  • Restore paw pads damaged by outdoor conditions
  • Promote recovery
  • Help soothe scratches, sores, and wounds
  • Keep paws moisturized
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Veritas Farms – Mattifying Blemish Cream (200mg)

Veritas Farm's robust blend of blemish-fighting and skin-rejuvenating ingredients to purify and soothe skin irritations. Overall, this Blemish Cream may help:
  • Complement your daily skincare regimen
  • Reduce the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Help balance oily skin
  • Fight blemishes while keeping the skin’s natural moisture intact
  • Minimize oily shine
  • Deliver a soft matte finish
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Veritas Farms – Hyaluronic Day Cream (200mg)

Veritas Farms CBD Daily Cream formula includes hyaluronic acid and a blend of plant-based oils carefully selected to provide multi-layered moisture which hydrates and absorbs quickly. Overall, this CBD Daily Cream for face may:
  • Provide multi-layered moisture
  • Soothe dry, weathered, irritated skin
  • Improve the appearance of fine lines
  • Plump skin’s appearance
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Veritas Farms – Full Spectrum Rejuvenating Night Cream (100mg)

Integrate Veritas Farms hemp night cream into your nighttime skincare routine to help your skin recover while you sleep. Overall, their Rejuvenating Night Cream may:
  • Help to strengthen the epidermal protective barrier
  • Reinforce the skin’s natural defense mechanisms
  • Reduce redness and dullness
  • Replenish and lock in moisture
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Veritas Farms – Cucumber Eye Cream (100mg)

Veritas Farms Cucumber Eye Cream with full spectrum hemp provides a plant-based alternative to keep the delicate skin around your eyes looking bright while reducing the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. You can use CBD eye cream to:
  • Moisturize and hydrate
  • Depuff and refresh
  • Firm and fortify
  • Brighten the look of tired eyes with dark circles
  • Hydrate the delicate eye area
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